DCP360XL Event Card Printer

The Matica EDIsecure® DCP360XL Event Card Printer is built from the same solid steel frame and sturdy print engine as the historically reliable DCP360+, the industrial desktop direct card printer used for the high volume issuance of driver licenses, access cards, transportation passes, identification badges, gift and loyalty cards, and more.

However, the DCP360XL has been modified to print text, barcodes and color images on a total area up to 4.173 inches by 3.346 inches in size, delivering double the printable area of standard desktop printers for oversized cards, thereby creating a larger visual presence for IDs that need to be clearly discernable at a distance, like concerts, conventions, sporting events, stock exchanges, and more.

Printing options for the DCP360XL include standard YMCKO or YMCK-OK ribbons for full color coverage, or split printing of color and black only areas. You can also use black resin K ribbons for high speed monochrome printing. Using Matica’s EDIsecure® Connect multi-functional driver platform, you can build “farms” of DCP360XL systems grouped together for high volume batch printing jobs producing more than 500 credentials per hour from a single PC managing multiple printers, and in an area no larger than an average office desk.

The over-sized cards it personalizes make for excellent end-user keepsakes at memorable concerts and sports arenas, and the abundant real-estate on the backside of the cards offers you space to pre-print event maps, schedules and paid sponsor logos.

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Oversized Card Print Area
Standard vs Oversized Cards
Sample Event Cards

Download the DCP360XL Product Brochure.