XID 8300 Promo
Your Matica team wants to give you something besides just basketball to get excited about this spring! To do that we are offering additional discounts that you can use to help your customers score a better printer on a smaller budget.

This program focuses on the most popular XID retransfer printer, the XID 8300, making closing more deals a slam dunk!

The details of the promo are as follows:

  • XID 8300 SS (Single-Sided) – Score an extra $500/printer off your normal discounted price
  • XID 8300 DS (Double-Sided) – Score an extra $750/printer off your normal discounted price
  • Go for an “and 1” by adding a laminator to either printer, and get an additional $500 discount on your bundle.


• XID 8300 SS w/ILM-LS or ILM-DS = $1,000/system total extra discount
• XID 8300 DS w/ILM-LS or ILM-DS = $1,250/system total extra discount

The Fine Print

  • These additional discounts are effective immediately, so start quoting today and/or offering incentives to existing prospects to close business sooner than later.
  • These special additional discounts expire on May 31, 2015 (approximately 90 days from now). Any extensions to the promo pricing must be pre-approved in writing by Matica.
  • These extra discounts are not valid in combination with or in addition to other special pricing already given to you in writing for an opportunity. Instead, choose the program/offer that gives you the overall best deal.
  • Your reseller account must be in good standing to qualify for these additional discounts. If your company has been notified in writing (email counts) by Matica that your account is on credit hold or past due, the additional discounts will not be honored.
  • There is no limit to the number of units you can purchase under this promo.
  • Selling/exporting outside North America or selling to someone you know or anticipate will export the equipment is strictly prohibited.

Please contact Bill Potwin or Susan Satterwhite by any of the normal methods for any questions you have. You can also email sales@matica.us or call 1-888-9-MATICA and choose option 2 from the main menu to reach the sales team.