Matica Laser Engraving Solutions

The next generation of laser engraving solutions for personalized, multi-material cards

Matica Corp offers a complete family of desktop and inline laser engraving solutions for plastic, metal and composite cards. We offer solutions for standalone laser engraving, or combined with other card personalization features such as contact, contactless and magnetic strip encoding, monochrome and color printing, and lamination. We even offer integrated mailing systems that can work directly with some of our laser engraving solutions.

Whether you are simply engraving serial numbers on access cards, engraving premium metal credit cards, issuing secure polycarbonate government ID cards, or doing some other form of custom card laser engraving, the solutions from Matica Corp deliver the best speeds, reliability and functionality of any competitive systems in the world.

From the industrial S5200LX system for engraving and encoding options only, to the modular, mid-volume S6200LX system with inline laser engraving and options to add printing, encoding and lamination modules, to the customizable S7000 system with options to combine multiple modules together to build exactly the right laser engraving solution for your high-volume card production needs.

We have the right solutions for your laser engraving needs

Matica S5200LX

The S5200LX is the only industrial solution in the market for card engraving with laser technology for low volume issuance and special applications. The system offers the best mix of card production features for demanding applications such as engraving of banking and display cards, personalization of ID or driving licenses as well as metal cards. The state-of-the-art laser source and the dual module architecture allows to fulfill the most demanding requirements in terms of flexibility, performances, quality of engraving and handling of delicate or specialty cards.

Matica S6200LX

Specifically designed for cost-conscious card personalization centers and financial institutions for mid-volume centralized card issuance programs, the S6200LX is a pre-configured high performance personalization platform with laser engraving that ensures high quality card production.

Matica S7000

Leveraging a strong technology portfolio and solid engineering assets, Matica gives you a card issuance system, capable of delivering production volumes of 1,200 cards per hour and beyond. The S7000 is a modular system which supports all of the functions you require for central card issuance. Modules include multiple encoding stations, monochrome and color printing, overlay application, embossing, indent printing and tipping.

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