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Breaking News!

March 30, 2015

This message is to inform you that last week we started to load new and improved firmware into the following retransfer printers as we fill your orders:
• XID8300
• RTX1000

The new firmware is identified as XID8300_V01-60B.prf, and it makes the above printers as fast, and in some cases, even a tad faster, than our flagship XID9300 series when using a YMCK or YMCKK ribbon. We are seeing improvements of 2 to 6 seconds per card depending on the use case.

However, the above is true only when using a YMCK or YMCKK ribbon. The firmware does not improve the print speed when using a YMCK-UV or YMCK-PO ribbon. And the new firmware only slightly improves the print speed of the above printers when used with an optional laminator, even if you are using a YMCK or YMCKK ribbon. The speed improvement in this case is about 2 seconds per card.

We estimate about 80% of our customers use a YMCK ribbon in the above printers, so this means about 80% of the customers will see a performance improvement.

In one popular use case, the printer is noticeably faster with the new firmware. For example, when printing a card in full color on just one side, we are seeing print times of about 25 seconds per card, or the equivalent of 144 cards per hour. This is about a 16% improvement over the previous firmware. The print time can vary slightly based on a number of parameters you set, but it is safe to say you can print a single side, full color card with the YMCK ribbon in 30 seconds or less and thus achieve a least 120 cards per hour.

Required Files

XID8300 Status Monitor

XID8300 Firmware Upgrade Instructions

XID8300 SpeedUP Firmware (XID8300_V01-60B.prf) (Alternate download link: XID8300_V01-60B.prf)